Saturday, 29 May 2010

Let's get started

Today, Saturday is my weigh in day and the reseult is 10.1 stone (or 64.4Kg). Since last week, ive lost 1 1/2 pound which is ok. Better go slowly but surely. I knew I'd lost some weight as Ive been quite good foodwise and after my good work at the gym. I ususally go about 4 times a week: 3 classes (Pilates, Zumba and BodyMax) + 1 general workout.
Let's see what ive eaten today:
This morning, I decided to go with something different from my "French breakfast" (weekends I love taking my time for breakfast and eating all the good things i've brought back from France) and I made some really nice pancakes with apples an honey. The recipe was inspired by Laura . I had 2 small and 2 medium. It was delicious and I felt quite full afterwards.

As we went out shopping, lunch was a chicken Tikka baguette from Greggs. I quite like Greggs eventhough it's not really low fat food. Dont know what would be the best option there?!? In my bag, I also had a packet of salt and vinegar crisps (I have to admit im a bit addicted to them) that I didnt even eat!!!!!
During the afternoon, I snacked on a nakd bar and some water.
I got my first box of Natural Balance Food last week. I discovered them at the Vitality show a few months ago and I really like them.

After shopping, boyfriend decided to take me out for dinner. We went to Zizzi and I had a pizza Margarita + ham. I quite enjoyed it as I hadnt had a pizza in a really long time.

Knowing me, I would say the day wasnt too bad. Usually I do quite well during the week and the weekend it's just binge eating...but well, it's just saturday ;-)

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