Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sunday = Rest day?

Today hasnt been a fantastic day: Ive eaten more than I should have done and I didnt exercise at all.

For breakfast, I had a coffe and milk and a slice of my homemade bread. I cut the slice in half and on one half, there was Nutella (I love that so much) and on the other half, homemade jam from my Mummy.
I quite enjoyed my coffe and bread breakfast...after all, Im French ;-)

Lunch was the tradional sunday roast: chicken, veggies and gravy...boyfriend forgot the Yorkshire puds.
Didint really enjoy it. I find it quite boring to be honest.

In the afternoon, I couldnt get my head off the parcel I got from my parents last week and here is what I snacked on...I know, naughty...but nice!

While I was reading a lot of healthy food related blogs, boyfriend was washing the car and as it took longer than expected, we didnt go to the gym.
I didnt actually mind as Im still sore from all the workout ive done this week and on top, today ive hurt my wrist.

For tea, I had the usual: a muffin sliced in two, toasted, with some tomatoes, a bit of cheese and a tiny bit of Worcestershire sauce and hop, under the grill.
It's not really healthy but perfect for a lazy sunday evening.

The pudding was some made from yesterday recipe...really nice with some honey on top. Even boyfriend loved them: Success

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