Monday, 31 May 2010

Monday, let's get back on track!

Today hasnt been too bad. I think that writing this blog makes me quite aware of what I eat which is good ;-)
For breakfast, as I was late for it (I deserved a good lie in), I only had my big cup of coffee + milk and 1 Dutch crispbake with butter.
Then, we went healthy food shopping. I bought plenty of fruits and veg and some other nice stuff I saw on different blogs.

For lunch, I had a piece of baguette (yeah, Im French) with a little bit of mayo, chicken tikka, lettuce, cucumber and tomato. Was really nice.

Then, we went out and late afternoon, we decided to go to the gym.
I did a general workout as my Pilates class wasnt on due to Bank Holiday monday.
Here is what I did:
Cross trainer: 5 mins warm up
Chest press: 5 kg ; 4x12 reps
Shoulder press: 2.5kg ; 2x12 reps
Plank on Powerplate: 1minx2
Side plank on Powerplate: 30 sec on each side
Bridge on Powerplate 1minx2
Crosstrainer interval: 20 mins (profile 6)

Then, we finished with a well deserved jacuzzi ;-)

When we got home, it was time for dinner: Nice salmon cooked in the oven, with some rice and some veggie brochettes...yumyum

Desert was a bit naughty: Strawberries with cream

Then, to end up this bank holiday wknd, while we were watching a movie, I had a nice Ricola hot drink and a tiny bit of dark chocolate.

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