Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The day had started so well...

Today's breakfast was like every week day: a bowl of All Bran (the yellow pot from Rosemary Conley) + whole milk.
Instead of my fruit juice, I had a nice orange...was yummy!

AM break was a banana as usual.

Lunch, a wrap with inside some chicken tikka (from Morisson. Lovely and not too much fat in it) and some of the big box of salsa I made yesterday.
The box is big enough to go to the end of the week ;-)

Then, I had a yogurt and a small red apple.

PM break, I snacked of some fruits: Kiwi + Grapes, which I sprinled with some seeds.

So far, my day's been quite good...right?

Then, I got home and got ready for my Zumba class. I love it. It's really fun and Im telling you, I burn an amazing amount of calories!

After the class, I walked back home (about 15 mins) and now, that's where all my good efforts were vanished :-(
was starving and it was late (yeah yeah, give me some more excuses...) so I had a bowl of pasta bolognese and as a "pudding" if I can call it like that, I had the rest of my baguette with 3...yes 3 little bars of Kinder chocolate. Didnt even take a pic of my "pudding" as I was too ashamed :-(

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