Wednesday, 2 June 2010

What a boring day :-(

As the title of my post may suggest, my day's been pretty boring...well foodwise anyway.
That's why there's no picture to illustrate it.

Breakfast was the same as yesterday: yellow pot of All Bran + whole milk and an orange.
AM break: banana
Lunch: wrap filled with chicken, lettuce and some of my salsa I made the other day.
PM break: kiwi + red grapes + munchy seeds
Oh, here is a picture of my seeds. Since ive been to the Vitality show, im addicted to them.

Dinner: Mexican food (Fajitas) which I think were quite healthy.Was eating them when I thought about taking a picture...well, too late!

Didnt go to the gym today as wednesday is my rest day.

Oh, I have to confess: when I came back home from work, I was in my little room and I didnt resist to go to my "French box". This is the parcel I got from my parents the other week. It is full of yuminess and I did have 4...omg 4 little bars of Kinder chocolate.

I dont know what's wrong with me. All day im being quite good and hop, as soon as I get home, I start picking food here and annoying :@

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