Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Me again!
Just wanted to talk about Blogspot: Im a bit annoyed at my blog and maybe if you also use Blogger, you can help me.

Everyday, I write my blog and then add the pictures. However, when uploading my pics, they appear on top of my post and change its format (ie lots of spaces between the lines).
Also, even if when writing my post I insert some lines between sentences, these spaces dont appear on the blog.

If you do understand what I mean (haha), i'd like to know if you experience the same thing as me and if you have some solution about it.


  1. Sorry I'm on wordpress so wont be much help. I do put in the pics as I go though or they go in where I leave the cursor. On the wordpress homepage or help menu you can get videos that help with how to do things so maybe there is one for Blogger? Hope you sort it out, if not then come on over to wordpress- I love it!

  2. Ive actually just talked to my boyfriend about my "problem" and he told me to switch to wordpress...so thinking about it now ;-)

  3. if you move to wordpress, how will you let everyone that reads your blog know you've moved, will you just put a post on here with a link to the new blog? i had thought about moving but wondered how to take my "readers" with me if you know what i mean.

  4. Haha, well, if I move...and I think i will really soon, of course I'll let people know where I am ;)
    Anyways, I dont have tons of readers so it will be easy!
    Ive had a look at wordpress and it looks more "professional"

  5. Hi Helene

    I was using blogspot originally but then tried Wordpress and loved it.

    If you download (for free) Windows Live Writer, it makes blogging and adding photos so much easier. You write your post in a similar layout to WORD and then it publishes the post in your blog - i love it and have never turned back.

    I also used Blogger for reading all the blogs that i followed but now i use Bloglovin - which again is a lot more user friendly - i hope this helps!

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