Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Me is poorly :-(

Ahhhh, im not really good at blogging these days! I missed yesterday :(
Im quite busy at work and quite exhausted. Im really looking forward to my holiday. Im counting down...18 days!!!! im so excited to see my family.

So, what did I eat yesterday?
Breakfast was the same old thing. Same for AM break.
Lunch however was a piece of "Tortilla Patata" (not sure about the spelling ooops).
My Spanish colleague brought it at work as Spain won a match the other day.
For people who dont know, a Tortilla Patata is a Spanish omelette.
It was a thick omelette with inside some sliced potatoes and some onions. It was yummy.
Im really loving discovering all these european meals.
Besides my piece of omelette, I had a salad made of lettuce, tuna and tomatoes.
Pudding was a mini babybel light and a yogurt.
During the afternoon, I had some strawberries.
Dinner yesterday was chicken cury.

This is what I call *portion control* haha. Obviously the small one was for me and the big one for boyfriend. Oh, with my curry, I had 3 popadums (no clue how to write it).
Didnt go to the gym yesterday as I wasnt feeling well :(
Also, Ive decided to give up my monday night Pilates class. I think the class is too late for me. It finishes at 9pm. Then by the time I get home, make dinner (I cant eat before the gym; have to eat after), make my lunch for the next day...it's already stupid time. So im gonna study the gym timetable and find another class instead.
That's it for yesterday. Now today:
Morning food was the same.
Lunch was brought by my Dutch (well, he's actually Belgian) colleague. It's the second time he cooks and needs to make something else again as the Netherlands are doing pretty well at this world cup.
So today, he brought some "Tomates crevettes". It was some big tomatoes stuffed with prawns and a mayo like sauce. It was fantastic. Didnt take any pics as people would have thought im a bit Joey.
I might do it again at home as I think it's a perfect summer lunch with a side salad.
Besides the stuffed tomatoes, he brought some chips that we ate with mayo -> This was actually requested by the Boss.
As this was really nice and quite filling, I didnt eat the salad I brought so my carrot and lettuce salad is in the fridge, ready to be eaten tomorrow.
As much as my lunch was nice, since ive eaten it, im actually sick :-(
I had a nap when I came back from work but it didnt help so I had to cancel my zumba class :s well annoyed about that.
Ive just had dinner: pasta + tomato sauce and made myself a nice pudding: natural yogurt + strawberries + pineapple and Ive shredded some of my dark chocolate.

Now, im gonna go to bed with my pudding and watch Confessions of a shopaholic and hopefully after a good night sleep, I'll be ok.


  1. aww im sorry your not feeling well i hope you get better soon x

  2. What does 'a bit Joey' mean? My dad calls me Joey so I hope its not bad! I love Confessions- the book and the film :) Enjoy!

  3. Hope you feel better soon. It must be really interesting getting to try loads of international food each day, such a good idea!

  4. Hi Jo...here is a link that explain where "Joey" comes from.
    Doubt that's why your dad calls you like that ;-)

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