Monday, 28 June 2010

Quick...really quick catch up

Happy Monday People ;~)
Last week I had a few silent days so I need to do a quick catchup.

The other day, as Denmark won a football match, my Danish friend brought a meal at work (remember what we're doing at work)...It was really nice. I cant remember how it's actually called but it's basically a potato salad and meatballs.

Boyfriend got me a little present: A recipe book...I loooove cook books. Ive got tons of them. I dont especially make the recipes from them but I love reading them and see the that weird ?!?
Anyways, here is a book ;-) Has someone got it?

On saturday, we went shopping as I wanted to find something to go to the photoshoot. Didnt find anything for it but still bought some stuff haha.
As we arrived there just at lunctime, we decided to start with lunch...and there, I had something for the 1st're gonna find it even weirder...a Jacket Potato!!!!!!

I can hear you saying...What, has she never had that before? where does she come from?????
Well yeah, it's the truth, saturday was my 1st one.
So, my impression on it -> it was really filling. I had one with baked beans. I would have had enough with half of it. Next time i'll order the kids meal ;-)

Sorry, ive had to rush my catch up as im realising boyfriend will be back soon and I havent started the dinner ooooops :s
See you later!
Oh oh oh, I forgot something important about, saturday = weigh in day and the result is I lost another pound...Yeah!!!! I know it's not a big deal but still :-)

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  1. Your not the only one who reads cook books and enjoy the photos, I love doing that but I have to keep reminding myself to actual make the stuff in them!