Sunday, 27 June 2010

Wanna be on Top!

Ive had a fantastic day!
A few months back, I went with my friend to the Vitality Show in London. There, we bought some tickets to go for a photoshoot and as you may guess, that's what we did today.
We went to London quite early this morning. As it was a sunday service, our train was at 7:30 :s
We got there, had some breakfast (bought a fruit salad in M&S) and went to the photoshoot place. The studio, which is called Studio 52 is located in Picadilly Circus. We got there, had a nice cold was so hot, even at 10 am. Then, we went for hair, makeup, nails.I asked to have my hair curly as last time I went for a photoshoot, it was straight and I wanted something different...and to be honest, I was really pleased with it ;-)
I brought my own nail varnish as I wanted it to match my toes ;)

Once ready, we went to the room where the pics were taken. It's amazing to see that in a small/medium room you can create so many backgrounds.
The photographer was a lady from Italy. She was really nice and made us feel really confortable.
We first took some shots with the 2 of us and then just my friend and just me.
I really felt like a model and posing came quite naturally to me haha.
After taking a few shots with each outfits (I brought 4 of them), the photographer asked us if we wanted to try something
We said Yes...after all you dont do that everyday ;-)
So, we were just wearing a pair of jeans and with a sexy pose, we were hiding our boobs. To be honest, those pics didnt come out really well as I still have some fatty bits :-s
After that, we had some pics taken on a bed with just a satin sheet on us...ohfor these pics, my friend and I were not was just me and just her.
Those pics however didnt come out really well. I felt really sexy and I actually look quite slim on the pic...well, we can only see my legs and arms...everything else is hidden under the satin sheet hehe!

After taking the pics, we went to look at them...and that's were it started to hurt...the price was ££££££
After the 1st elimination, I kept 26 shots and then, the lady said: "so, if you go for that, it will be £210 per month for 10 that ok?"
Dont need to tell you what my answer was hehe
After more elimination, I ended up with 3 pics of myself and 1 of the 2 of us and for information, that cost me £120, which is more afordable!

After this modelling morning, we were starving so went for lunch to Leon.
I recently bought the book and wanted to try their food. There, I had the lunch deal, consisting of a pork wrap, a homemade lemonade and a chocolate mousse. As they didnt have anymore mousse, I went for a brownie.
To be honest, I didnt go crazy about it. The wrap was too big for me and was filled with ingredients I'm not really used to. The lemonade was really good and the brownie was too heavy.
So overall, I was a bit disappointed. I think this food was actually too healthy for me :s
Sorry, didnt take any pics as my friend doesnt know about my blog and dint want to seem too weird haha.

After that, we went shopping as we couldnt go back home: we were told by our boyfriends to come back after the match ;-)
We went to Sweaty Betty and Puma, where I bought some gym tops.
Before jumping on the train, I went to Starbucks and got and iced refreshing!

When I got home, I wasnt really hungry and boyfriend couldnt bother to cook so once again, we went out for dinner. We went to Wetherspoon, where I had a panini and another lemonade.
Ive also just finished some strawberries and cream that I ate while watching The Hills and The City.

So that's it for today.
As Im sure you want to see the result of my photoshoot, here are 2 pics of me ;) no, im not gonna put up the one where im on the bed ;)


  1. Aw those pics are great! I guess I've always been spoiled as my Dad is a photographer but when he gets the camera out I run away!

  2. Those pics are fantastic! You look amazing in them! I have the leon cookbook too and would like to visit them when I'm in London in a few weeks, its a shame you found your meal disapointing x