Tuesday, 22 June 2010

I need a ho-li-day

Awwww, Im so tired :s
Last night was a late night as we went to the gym till 9. Then by the time we get home, have dinner, get my lunch ready for today, write my blog...well, I went to bed quite late and this morning, I overslept....nooooo! Ok, it wasnt that bad (20 mins) but in the morning, that means a lot.
Anyway, I got to work on time so it was fine.
So, let's have a look at my food for today.
No need to tell you what I had for breakie and AM break -> same as usual :-(
Lunch was another salad: lettuce, onion, sweetcorn and beetroot. I also had a mini babybel light and a crunchy apple.

Dinner tonight was: a tuna salad: tuna, sweetcorn, rice and a bit of mayo.

For pudding I had some yogurt with apple sauce and a drizzle of agave.

Workout for today:
Zumba class...OMG it was so hot in the studio. I think Ive never sweated so much. My whole body was sweating -gross- but to be honest, I quite like it when Im all sweatty...means ive worked hard -gross again haha-

After my class, as boyfriend wanted to go to the sauna, steam, jacuzzi, I did some weight. I worked my arms and did a tiny bit of legs.

I feel really tired now. Just want to go to bed...but ive just bought 2 magazines so I think im gonna have a look at them before going to sleep.

Cant stay long tho as im planning another early morning workout tomorrow...well hopefully ;~)

Oh, I forgot...the other day we booked our flight to France...25 days and it's holiday!!!!!
And it's gonna be really special as boyfriend's parents are coming to stay at my parents for 2 days. They're gonna meet for the 1st time...oh dear, im a bit stressed (especially as they dont speak the same language haha).
Question of the day: what is your favourite fitness magazine?


  1. Hi Helene, thank you for adding me to your blog list. It's nice to read about other bloggers in the UK, i like it when i recognise all the food products in others posts.

    So you are French? I went on my first French holiday 3 weeks ago, we went to a little seaside town called Le Crotoy in Picardie - it was beautiful & i look forward to going back again one day.

  2. Hey, Yes, Im French. I did read your post about your holiday in France. Im going back home in 3 weeks time...all excited !!!! Just had my mum on the phone. She's gonna make all my favorite meals so planning on putting some weigh on :s