Monday, 21 June 2010

Happy Monday!

Food for today:
Breakie: All bran + milk and a glass fruit juice.
AM break: a slice of banana loaf made by my work colleague.
Lunch: salad (lettuce, yellow pepper, red onion, beetroot, carrot), a small pot of Dutch rice pudding* and a pear.

The picture doesnt really represent my lunch as I didnt eat the banana, the apple and the yogurt...didnt plan 2 people were gonna bring some food ;~)

Dinner: omelette (2 eggs) + really small portion of baked beans. Didnt take a pic as it was pretty boring and the food was in my mouth before I think about the pic :s
Im currently eating my pudding: fresh strawberries...yum yum

*The Dutch rice pudding was made by a male work colleague as Holland won a match the other day (remember what we're doing at work?). So, this guy made a rice pudding. I wouldnt say it was yummy but it was ok. It was all yellow due to the safran in it.

As Denmark won saturday night, my Danish friend is making something for wednesday. Hopefully it's gonna be nice as so far it hasnt been a great success :s

Anyway...what did I do as a workout???

As it's monday, I went to my aerobics class, which makes me sweat a lot! and after that, I went to my Pilates class. Today was a different teacher as the usual one is on holiday...lucky her.
I really enjoyed the class as we did lots of tummy execises...I hope im gonna be sore tomorrow haha.

So, it's time for me to catch up on some blogs and go to bed.

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  1. I really want to try Pilates. We don't have an instructor in my town. I think I may try to find a beginner's class in Glasgow for the next time I'm there :)