Thursday, 3 June 2010

He doesnt know what he's talking about

Different day, same food.
As usual, breakfast was my yellow pot of All bran + whole milk and an orange.
You may think it's boring but it's fine for me. Dont need to prepare anything and it keeps me going till AM break.

AM break, again as usual was a banana. At work, everyone has a banana at AM break. We call each other The Monkey Club haha.

Lunch was still my wrap filled with chicken, lettuce and salsa + yogurt.

PM break was kiwi + strawberries.

After work, I got back home, got changed and went to my BodyMax class...was hardcore! I actually felt sick. Im sure i'll be all achey tomorrow but it's woth it.

After the class, I was eating a Nakd bar and was chating to my trainer about how to loose the fat on the lower back :~(
Since Ive started the gym, it seems it's the only place where the fat is not gonna go away.
Anyway, he told me I might not be able to loose it, especially with what I was eating (nakd bar). What?????? it's pure goodness...isnt it???
According to him, I have to cut back on ALL sugary stuff!
Well, as much as I want that bikini body, im not sure im totally ready to give up on my Kinder, which have by the way all gone :~(
I know, really naughty me...but now, I dont have anymore tempting stuff in my room so it's fine!

So, when I got back home, I had my dinner: 2 eggs + wholemeal pasta.
As a pudding, I made a really nice smoothie from fresh strawberries, frozen blueberries and raspberries, natural yogurt, a bit of milk, some vanilla whey protein and a tiny bit of honey....was yummy. Perfect to finish my day!

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