Friday, 4 June 2010

Finally, Friday has arrived

I should actually have called my blog "Helene's boring food diary"

As usual, breakfast was my yellow pot of All Bran + whole milk and an orange.
AM break: banana
Lunch: Egg & Tomatoe bagette from Greggs (530 cals) + crisps (100 and something cals) = I still enjoyed my lunch
PM break: small apple + nakd bar
Dinner: smoked salmon on French toasts and a nice salad (chicken + lettuce + dried onions)

After work, we decided to go to the gym. wasnt really happy about it as im really sore from last night's BodyMax...and it'd getting worse :-(
My thigh are really sore, especially going up and down the stairs but well, I'll be fine. Just need to do more stretches on them.
So, about the gym, we actually didnt stay that long. I did a few exercises for the upper body and then, we just went for a nice and relaxing jacuzzi.

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