Sunday, 6 June 2010

Nice and relaxing weekend

I gave my blog a miss yesterday. The reason is I was actually quite busy reading some other people's blogs and found mine was really boring compare to the others.
I think I need to be more commited to it. After all, Im not doing it for other people but for myself.
I dont mind if anyone else read it. This blog is just a way for me to take a closer look at my Health & Fitness journey.

a Saturday:

So, what happened yesterday? It was my weigh in day. The result was so-so as I actually stayed the same as last week: 10.1.8 stone or 64.4 Kg.
Of course I would have loved to have lost a bit but if I look back at my week, I think it's ok. And at least, I didnt put any weight on!

Yesterday, my food was:
Breakfast: Coffee + whole milk + sweeteners ; 2 slices of my homemade bread (butter + nutella) ; yellow smoothie (frozen mangos, tinned pineapple, 2 fresh passion fruit ; orange juice)
Lunch: BBQ: 2 merguez + bread & ketchup ; chicken kebab & veggie brochette ; crisps
Dinner: Salad ; bread & butter ; natural yogurt + pineapple + honey

Looking at it, I ate quite a lot. At lunchtime, I felt full after the 2 merguez but still ate the chicken...not good. In French we've got the saying: "Avoir les yeux plus gros que le ventre" which translates to "To have the eyes bigger than the tummy"

I didnt go to the gym yesterday as I could hardly walk. My legs were still sore from Thursday BodyMax...crazy. I even still sore today. I looked up on the internet to find some ways to streche my thighs. I'll make sure I do it after my class on Thursday as Im fed up not being able to exercise or even walk properly for 3 days after it :@

a Sunday:

This morning, for breafast I had coffe + milk + sweetener and 2 pieces of baguette (butter & nutella)
Lunch was Greggs again: chicken tikka baguette and a cookie for pudding (it was my 1st one in months and months).
Tonight, we're having a BBQ: chicken kebab and maybe rice...not sure yet
Here are the pictures of my dinner: Chicken kebab + vegetables pilau rice (looks bigger on the plate than on the picture)

Pudding: Natural yogurt + strawberries + blueberries + honey

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