Monday, 7 June 2010

Ive got a Challenge!!!!

Here is what I ate today:
Breakie: All bran (yellow pot) + whole milk + orange
AM break: small banana + nakd bar (got this bar from my friend who bought it but doesnt like it).
Lunch: Roll (lettuce, chicken and a bit of mayo) + carrot + yogurt + pineapple

Dinner: Chicken tikka masala + popadum + onion baji.

I didnt enjoy my dinner and I now feel really bloated.
I tend to eat quite fast, especially today as I stayed late at work, then we had to go to the shop and I had to get ready on time for my Pilates class.

Now, let's talk about my challenge...
For 2010, I wanted to get a challenge ; something that gives me a really good workout and that is for a good cause.
A few month ago, I opted for a Race for Life but unfortunately, the friend I was supposed to do it with kind of let me down :-(
As Im not a good runner and didnt want to do it on my own, I gave up.

Then this weekend, I was reading and reading plenty of "healthy blogs" and thought I still should do something, doesnt matter if im doing it alone...after all, im doing it for myself and for the charity.
So I went back to my Women's Fitness magazine (they had a challenge issue a few months ago and since then, they've given training schedules) and I picked the Pink Aerobics!
Pink Aerobics is 3 hours of aerobics in London (Hyde Park), the 3rd October 2010.
The event is organised by LessBounce and is for the Breast cancer campaign.
He re is my foundraising page:

I now need to plan my training and for that, Im gonna have a closer look at my magazine.
Ive also looked at the class timetable at my gym (Virgin ACtive) and there are 2 aerobics classes that I can attend.

Im so excited. It's my 1st challenge ever. Better be good. Dont want to disappoint people who are gonna sponsor me.


  1. That sounds like a really good challenge! I'm so glad I found your blog, I love finding other British bloggers :) I'm going to add you to my google reader now!

  2. Thank You for your support :~)
    I really enjoy reading your blog too!
    Just one thing: Im a French blogger living in England haha hence there might be quite a few mistakes in my blogs...sorry about that :s