Friday, 11 June 2010

Ive got a Belt

Ive got a new isnt it???
Well not really: this belt is not one you can buy in a shop ; it's one you get from your bad, really bad eating habits :s Not so glamour hein!!!

Ive always known I had a bit of a belly but since Ive been in England, my tummy's got bigger and bigger. And now, I havent got only a tummy...ive got a complete belt, meaning ive got fat -yeah, lets call it fat as that's what it is- all around my waist.

I really noticed it last tuesday when I went to Zumba as I always go at the front to be able to follow the instructor. But being at the front of the class, also mean being in front of the mirror so then I, as well as the whole class could see this belt Im constantly wearing.

I dont really know what to do about it :s I do eat pretty healthy food and do quite a lot of exercise.

So how? How to loose it??? any tip, advice????

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