Saturday, 12 June 2010

I love Saturdays!

Today's been a really good day.

I woke up quite early...ok, really early (6:30) but stayed in bed and enjoyed it.
I got up at about 9 and went for my weekly wieigh in and the result is: Ive lost 2 pounds Yeah!
Im now dead on 10 stone. Im so pleased with myself.
Then, as I was well motivated, I made myself a fantastic breakfast: A bottle of Innocent smoothie and some pancakes, which were inspired by Laura. It was amazing!
The first layer is my red fruits sauce ; second layer is honey and on top, some more red sauce.
The sauce I made was: frozen blueberries, frozen raspberries and some pineapple juice.

After breakie, I wanted to go to an aerobics class but boyfriend decided to come with me to the gym and made me late for the class :s
I then had a general workout: Cross trainer: 5 mins warm up, 5 mins backwards and 15 mins intervals.
I also did a bit of weight training a bit of powerplate.
Couldnt do much as it was quite busy.
After that, I felt really good. I think Im gonna try to sqeeze in some early morning workouts next week.

After the gym, boyfriend took me to "Le Petit Cafe". It's a French cafe which was recommended by a lady from his French class. It was really nice. It was like an old fashion little place.
There, I had a Croque Monsieur

And a crepe for pudding. Sorry, no picture of the crepe as it was in my tummy before I thought about it ;-) It was acrepe with lemmon and honney. Was nice but still prefer the ones my Mummy makes!

Then we went to a fair in the same village and then went to the shops in town.

This evening, it's pizza and football. Ive got a small one with ham, tomatoes, mushroom and cheese.

BTW: Does anyone know where I can find some Agave Syrup?? Dont think Sainsburry's got it. Went to Tesco's and Asda but couldnt find it. Where abouts is it in the shop?
Thank You


  1. Glad you enjoyed your pancakes, your sauce looks amaze, I must give that a try! You should be able to find agave in sainsbos - in my store its with all the sugars. For some reason I expected it to be with the honey so it took me ages to find it! Let me know if you still can't find it, I don't mind posting you some for you to try out! x

  2. Oh, I looked on Sainsburry's website and didnt find it. Is it with the sugars??? weird, I spent ages looking in the honey aisle and in the homemade baking aisle. Gonna pop to Sainsburry's tomorrow then. Thank for that ;-)

  3. I think I got mine at Holland and Barrett but to be honest I don't love it. I found some rice syrup to try in baking at the weekend, and use brown sugar or honey mostly.