Sunday, 13 June 2010

I love Sundays too

Another nice and relaxing sunday!
Last night, boyfriend requested some homemade bread so this morning, we woke up from the nice smell of it...really nice.
For breakie, I had a slice of it and a coffee.
Lunch was a chicken salad. The chicken was cooked on the bbq. Was ok but not that fantastic.

At the moment, Im reading Skinny Bitch and Ive just read the chapter called "You are what you eat". It's about animal treatment in the slaughterhouses. So when I was eating my chicken, I was thinking about it and it actually made me feel really uncomfortable :s

For pudding, I made a sort of ice cream: I blended the rest of my red fruit sauce from yesterday with an activia and hop, in the freezer.

To be honest, it wasnt really nice. I think I should have left it in the freezer for less longer.

In the afternoon, as I was catching up on some blogs and reading a new magazine: Bodyfit, I snacked on 4 sweeties: 4 little bottle of coke.
After that, I swapped the gym for a well needed nap.

Dinner was my pizza leftover from yesterday with a side salad and some low fat custard for pudding. Didnt enjoy the custard: was too sweet.

Now, Im gonna plan my weekly workouts. Was thinking about going to the gym tomorrow morning but not gonna go as I have 2 classes planned in the evening: aerobics and pilates so we'll see.


  1. ooh I've never seen that magazine! I love my fitness mags :)

  2. Haha, Im addicted to magazines! I buy Women's Fitness and Health & Fitness every months. Sometimes, I buy Zest (I dont especially like it but always think I might miss out on something...weird). As I had all the latest issues, I decided to buy this one: Bodyfit. It's issue #2. It's not great but might still subscribe to the 3 issues for £3 haha.
    What mags do you read????