Saturday, 19 June 2010

Saturday = Weigh in day

I was planning to go to the gym this morning (to an aerobics class) but I must have been so tired from a busy week that I slept late...and it was really nice!
Boyfriend woke me up at 8am I think to tell me my 9bar had arrived. The other day, I orderer a selection box to try them out. Ive now got 5 bars to try. Which one is
your favorite?

A few minutes later, I fell back asleep till about 9:30
As boyfriend was sleeping again, I stayed in bed and read some blogs on my laptop.
Also, I didnt really want to get up as it was the weigh in day.
Eventhough I had a really good week, I felt like the scale wasnt gonna show it off...but I was wrong!!!!
I lost 1lb1/2 YEAH!!!!! Im now just under 10 stone, which is 63.1kg Happy Me!
Im going home in 4 weeks and by then, I would like to be just under 60kg (9st6lb)...shouldnt be to difficult (well hopefully).

As I was quite happy after my weigh in, boyfriend decided to take me out for breakfast.
I wore my new sandals for the 1st time. You like them???

We had breakfast at Wetherspoon's. There, I had a Pain au Chocolat (just because it's new on their menu) and 2 pieces of toast and a coffee.

After breakfast, we went shopping and I went to Waitrose to grab some Munchy Seeds (I like snacking on them at work).

Then, we got back home and wanted to get ready to go to the gym but fell asleep :s Must have been really really tired. Tonight's dinner was bbq :~)

I had a piece of beef from our local butcher...oh man, it was so gooood.
With that, I had a packet of crisps (the only one this week...not bad for someone who was addicted to crisps) and a big side salad (lettuce, carrot, onion, tomatoes).

Hope you're having a nice weekend!

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