Friday, 18 June 2010


It's been a long week...but a good week!
Ive eaten quite healthily and worked out quite a lot...happy me :~)

Food for today was:
Breakie: All bran + milk ; glass fruit juice

AM break: banana
Lunch: salad made of lettuce (different leaves), chicken, tomatoes and ; parmesan.
I also had a mini babybel, a yogurt and a nectarine.

PM break: I tried a Nakd bar pecan pie but didnt like it. Then I tried the pure protein bar I got with the magazine Bodyfit but didnt like it either: it was to chewy/gummy and the chocolate wasnt really nice. It looked a lot nicer on the paper :s

After work, boyfriend picked me up and we went to Tesco's to get some food for tonight and then headed to the gym.

I did have a really good workout:
Cross trainer: 5 mins warm up
Shoulder and chest press
Wave machine: 5 mins intervals
Stepper: 5 mins intervals
Bike: 10 mins intervals
Plank on the powerplate: 2x1 min
Side plank on the powerplate: 2x30 sec on each side
Cross trainer: 25 min intervals

Then, we got home just in time to watch the football...well for boyfriend to watch it.
Dinner was some fresh pasta with veggies (courgettes, mushrooms, onions, peppers) and some tomato sauce...yumyum

For pudding, we had some strawberries and cream.

And to be honest, while I was reading the blogs earlier, I was snacking on my littles sweeties I got from my parents...naugthy me :s


  1. thats a shame you didnt like the protein bar and the 9 bar. have you tried Nakd bars? or have you tried making fudge babies?

  2. No, it's the Nakd bar I didnt like.
    Havent tried the 9 bar yet (ive ordered some so Im now waiting).
    Havent tried the fudge babies either. Not sure I would like them :s
    Anyway, Im not especially after a bar. I can do without!

    Oh, btw, how did SW go the other day?