Thursday, 17 June 2010

Update on my evening

# Well, France lost the game against Mexico so dont need to bring any food to work and Im still in the running to get some time off work...Yeah!

# I did make the protein cake but I think I cooked it for too long :s
Here is a picture of the preparation

and here is the result
It looks horrible but I have to say it was really nice! It was sweet just how I like it.
Next time, I'll try just 1 min in the microwave.

# Boyfriend requested a smoothie for when he was coming back from his French class. Instead of a smoothie, I made a sort of sorbet from rasp, straw, blue - berries + 1 passion fruit + pineapple and apple juice. It was really nice and loved the pinky color.

# Manicure/Pedicure: only had time to remove my old varnish. Still gonna shape my nails before going to bed and the color will be for tomorrow.

Hope you all had a nice evening!
Come on, just 1 day and it's the weekend!!!!!!

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  1. They are a bit tricky to get the cooking time spot on, but as long as it tasted good thats the main thing! x