Thursday, 17 June 2010

Is this week gonna end????

Yesterday was the most tiring day ive ever had!
As I planned it, I went to the gym early in the morning (6:30). It's not that early ; it's just the time my gym opens.
It was my 1st early morning workout. I was surprised to see how busy the gym was.
There, I did 20 mins of cross trainer and a few mins on the powerplate.
I felt really energized after the workout and ready to brave the day.
I got ready at the gym and went back home to finish my makeup, make my breakie and pick up boyfriend.
I had my breakie at work. For once it wasnt my old boring All bran.
I made a delicious smoothie: Some frozen strawberries, a banana, some oat, milk, whey powder and milk. I poured (not sure it is the way to say it) it in a plastic bottle as I dont have a nice cup *note to myself: find a nice cup*
With the smoothie, I had 3 slices of my Pain d'epices = cool breakfast ;~)

AM break was a banana

Lunch: a sandwich filled with chicken and lettuce ; a mini babybel (light) ; a yogurt and an some nice strawberries.

In the afternoon, I was literally falling asleep in front of my computer so I had a mini apple to wake me up...and it did work ;)

Dinner was an attempt to a recipe found in my new magazine Bodyfit: "Simple salmon and creme fraiche pasta", from Tana Ramsay.

My dish didnt look quite like the picture on the mag but it was quite nice.

Today, back to normal and my boring food :s
Breakie: All bran + milk and a glass of fruit juice
AM break: a banana
Lunch: same as yesterday
PM break: 2 slices of pain d'epices
Dinner: the salmon & pasta leftover.

No workout today as it's my rest day.

Tonight, as Im alone (boyfriend's gone to his French class), im gonna make myself a Protein Cake, inspired by Laura and gonna do my nails, the Neenie's way.

Im also gonna keep an eye on the football as tonight France is playing Mexico. Not sure which team to support as if you remember, we're doing a sweepstake at work and I picked Mexico so if Mexico wins the group, I can get 2 hours off :-)
If France wins, I have to bring some French food to the office.

Anyway, to finish this post, I'd like to ask you (I know there are only a few people reading my blog but you are valuable readers) : How do you cope with early morning workouts? and how/what do you eat? I mean do you workout on an empty stomach, what do you eat before/after????
Thank You :~)


  1. I actually never work-out without eating breakfast first. I wake up starving and need to eat. I pretty much always eat porridge for breakfast and get a stitch in my side if I don't wait at least 2 hours after eating before working out. I know the fitnessista recommends eating in the evening to prevent waking up hungry when planning an early work-out so I may try that someday!

  2. I don't usually eat before a morning workout unless its a really intense one (like running or cardio for over 45 minutes). I usually just have a cup of warm water with lemon or a green tea to wake me up. If you feel you need something little to eat which isn't going to give you a stitch try a couple of dates or some raisins and a glass of juice or milk, then dig into breakie afterwards and see if that helps. After working out I'm always starving! I eat allsorts but I do like to make sure I'm getting in a good serving of protein to help my muscles repair. Hope the protein cake works out ok! And the recipe for that soup is on my recipes page on the blog, its seriously delicious!