Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Sweepstake - Cheesecake

Quick blog tonight as I want/need to go to bed asap.
Nothing really special today...still the same.

Breakie: All bran + milk ; glass of fruit juice
AM break: banana
Lunch: sandwich filled with lettuce, chicken and tomato sauce + carrot sticks + yogurt
PM break: a part of cheesecake*
Dinner: omelette (2 eggs) and pasta + strawberries.

Workout: Zumba class.

*lets come back on the "cheesecake case":

At work, we are mainly foreign people (I work for a market research company that covers all of Europe. No need to say that im in charge of the French market). Anyway, with all this World Cup thing going on, the boss's decided to organise a sweeptstake.
Basically, we bought some tickets (I picked Mexico and South Korea) and if your team goes on 1/4 finale, 1/2 finale...you get some time off (from 2 hours to a day 1/2...cool hein?)
If your home country wins a game, you need to bring some food from your country.
Still following??? Not sure it still makes sense as im tired and getting a bit confused :s

Anyway, Germany won the other day so one of the German girl brought a homemade german cheesecake.
To be honest, I didnt enjoy it. Eventhough the texture was like mousse, it was still really heavy and all the afternoon, I felt really fat :s

If France keeps playing as they did the other day, I dont need to worry about what to bring (haha) but if they win, Im not even sure what to bring :s
A friend suggested a cheese platter with baguette...sounds quite good.

What do you think??? What is your idea of a typical French snack????


  1. Croissants or pain au chocolate! I love French pastries. Thankfully I am able to control myself as supermarket versions are never as good as the real deal!

  2. pate and wine! heh heh! we went to paris for a long wknd and lived off pate and wine! how about some french stick, some cheese and some pate.